A Quick Guide to Fine Dining Etiquette

Here at The Vault Downtown, we love nothing more than serving our patrons the very best in the way of quality service, cuisine, and drinks. And if you’ve never been to our establishment for an evening of fine dining, we would certainly love to host you. However, fine dining is much more than a meal. And certain rules of etiquette are expected to be adhered to. But don’t worry! We’ve taken the time to form this quick guide that’s easy to follow. 

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Dress Code 

While you don’t need to go overboard on your formal wear, it’s recommended that you wear something appropriate for the occasion. A nice colored shirt and slacks are recommended for men, and a suit or dress is recommended for women. 

Be sure to RSVP 

You wouldn’t show up to a formal event uninvited, and the same principle goes for fine dining. It’s considered inappropriate to simply show up and expect that there will be a table waiting for you, particularly if it’s close to a holiday event. It’s advised that you call ahead and make a reservation to ensure you and your guests can be seated properly. 

Observe Proper Table Manners 

When you were growing up, your parents expected you to observe decorum and use terms such as “please” and “thank you.” These basic manners are expected to be observed at any fine-dining establishment as well. Here are some of the basics. 

– Wait until all dishes are served before you begin to eat your meal. Patience, after all, is a virtue. 

 -Keep your elbows off the table. In fact, it’s considered appropriate behavior to keep your hands in your lap unless you’re eating or drinking. 

– Keep your napkin in your lap, and only touch it when you’re wiping your mouth. Please, please, please, don’t wear it as a bib. 

– Don’t talk with your mouth full. 

– Refrain from calling out to your server. They’re most likely busy and will get to you as soon as they can. 

– Say “please” and “thank you.” These words go a long way and will show the restaurant staff that you’re grateful for their service and courtesy. 

The Vault Downtown 

The most important rule that we have at The Vault Downtown is that you enjoy yourself and come back and see us again. For a menu, reservations, and much more, visit us at thevaultdowntown.com.