Best Wine and Cigar Combinations

When you think of pairing your cigar with a beverage, you probably think of brandy and bourbon. However, it’s time to start pairing your cigars with wine. These are the best wine and cigar combinations:
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Are you a fan of full-bodied Nicaraguan cigars? If you are, pair your cigar with a Tempranillo Rioja. Tempranillo Rioja is a complex wine with notes of leather, cherries, and dried fruit. This wine has an earthy fragrance and is heavy on full-bodied tannins. This is why the wine pairs so well with a Nicaraguan cigar. Together, the pairing unlocks each other’s hidden subtleties.

The next pairing is a rich Honduran cigar and a rose champagne. Honduran cigars are known for their richness and dense flavors. Naturally, the perfect pairing for an intense and flavorful cigar is champagne. Rose champagne has a dazzling flavor that enhances the rich notes of Honduran cigars, making it a vibrant and slightly sweet pairing that is sure to please.

If light Dominican cigars are more your style, try bringing your cigar together with an oaky Australian Chardonnay. Australian chardonnay is woodier than chardonnays from other parts of the world. If you enjoy these flavors, you’ll love pairing a Dominican cigar with the wine for something crisp, yet light, and a little sweet.

Up next is the pairing of a creamy Cohiba cigar with a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. Normally Californian Cabernet Sauvignon is paired with meat because of the concentrated flavors of high tannin levels. Rather than eating a hearty steak or lamb stew with your wine, try a Cohiba cigar with notes of coffee and chocolate for a rich and flavorful pairing.

You can’t go wrong with a Cuban cigar, so try pairing your Cuban with a German Riesling. A full-bodied Cuban cigar is woody, partially because they are usually made with a strong blend of Ligero leaves. Instead of contrasting this woodiness, try enhancing it with a German Riesling. Riesling from Germany is earthy and has some weight, which goes toe-to-toe with a Cuban cigar.

These fine pairings can help you expand your palate and enjoy new flavors. To enjoy delicious food, wine, and cigars all in one spot, head to The Vault Downtown. Find us at 401 Federal St. in Bluefield, WV.

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