Celebrate National Prime Rib Day at The Vault Downtown

At The Vault Downtown, we don’t just think of fine dining as something that we offer to our patrons. Nor do we think that it’s something to be taken lightly by those who prepare and cook meals that are of the highest quality. And if you’ve ever come and visited our location, you know that we think of the whole process as a delicate art form. And with the month of April upon us and many preparing for their Easter Sunday gathering on the ninth, we want to see you on the 27th. Why, you might ask? Because on this day, we recognize the most succulent of all beef cuts, prime rib! 

prime rib Wednesday Bluefield, WV

What is Prime Rib? 

There’s a very good possibility that you’ve heard the term used before, and most likely, it was in the same conversation that involved a fine dining establishment. And believe us; there’s a perfect reason for that. Prime rib, sometimes called “standard rib roast,” refers to a cut of meat taken from the rib section of the cow. The section of meat is cooked thoroughly, that is, to the precise specification of the customer and then sliced before being served. At The Vault Downtown, we offer this delicacy every Wednesday from 5:00-8:00 PM. 

The Prime Rim: A Product of Progress 

During the early to mid-1800s, Europe underwent a drastic change in the way it produced products. Known as the Industrial Revolution, this period was known for several innovations and inventions that forever changed the way the world lived. It’s believed that the prime rib cut of beef originated around this time period. By the time the 1850s rolled around, more people were able to store meat at home, which led to the popularity of prime rib growing exponentially. It’s unclear when the cut became popular here in the United States, but it’s known that it was once inexpensive by today’s standards. Case in point–one of the first establishments to serve prime rib in the United States was in Las Vegas. And while the city is now known for high rollers, the dish cost a staggering $1.50 when it debuted in 1942. 

The Vault Downtown 

Whether it’s for National Prime Rib Day or our very own Prime Rib Wednesday, any time is a good time for prime rib at The Vault Downtown. For a menu, reservations, and much more, visit us at thevaultdowntown.com/reservations/

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