Celebrate National Sangria Day in Bluefield

If you watch any movie about fraternity life and college shenanigans, you’re more than familiar with the term “the punch has been spiked!” And just in case you’re not, we can assure you, this has nothing to do with a pointy object.

What is Sangria Made of?

Sangria is a beverage consisting of wine that’s been infused with fruit, it’s the original spiked fruit punch. Early batches of the drink were made from Bordeaux, brandy, and fruit–Known as “Claret cup punch.”

In the United Kingdom, it was often served at social gatherings and gained further popularity thanks to Jane Austen novels.

The Origins of Sangria

While the origins of the drink are somewhat unclear, it’s believed that the prototype of sangria originated in the Greco-Roman world. Drinks called hippocras combined wine with sugar and spices and were heated in the same way mulled wine is prepared. In the ancient world, wine was consumed more than water. This isn’t due to a love of drunkenness, but a necessity. Many water sources during this time period were filthy and heavily laden with bacteria.

Sangria’s popularity in North America can be attributed to the Spanish. At the 1964 World’s Fair, the Spanish expo featured the drink, and Americans promptly fell in love with it. Today, sangria is still popular and comes in a variety of forms. The most common is red sangria, although sangria Blanco (white sangria) is also popular. Some prefer to make it themselves, with white wine, schnapps, brandy, and then add fruit to infuse the cocktail with flavor.

Celebrate National Sangria Day at The Vault Downtown

December 20th might signify National Sangria Day, but we celebrate this vivacious beverage at The Vault Downtown all year long! We offer a variety of sangria wines that encompass multiple flavors and ingredients.

You can not only partake in the drink that Austen wrote about in ‘Pride and Prejudice’, but you can also do it in an atmosphere that offers the same aura of sophistication that Victorian England was famous for. Visit our website for a menu of our food, spirits, and details about booking a reservation. You can also reach us by calling 304-308-6601.

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