Choosing The Perfect Cigar

Did you know that it’s estimated that in 2020, approximately 10,591 people smoked cigars? Cigar smoking is a refined activity. Unlike cigarettes, cigars are a blend of premium quality tobacco that is wrapped in a tobacco leaf or tobacco substance instead of paper.

A cigar next to a bourbon drink

It can be challenging to choose a cigar when you’re faced with many options of flavor, size, and price range.

So how do you select a stogie that you’re going to enjoy truly?

How To Choose The Perfect Cigar?

Like choosing a fine wine, your next novel, or a vintage dresser, finding the perfect cigar will depend on what your personal tastes and preferences are. Three variables can help you determine if a cigar is perfect for you based on your preferences.

Below we have briefly discussed these variables so that you have an idea of which cigar you should choose when faced with an expansive selection.

1. The Size

A bigger cigar does not automatically mean better. How big or small the size of a cigar is won’t affect its strength or flavor. In fact, the length of a cigar only affects how long it will last. That’s why size is all about preference. The longer you want a cigar to last, the longer your cigar needs to be. For example, if you choose a 6-inch cigar, it will last you approximately 60 minutes.

2. The Body

As you are now aware, there is a huge selection of cigar flavors and tastes. Some have a rich, full-bodied flavor, while others feature more subtle notes that don’t pack as much of a punch. The flavor you choose will depend on what you like, as only you will be able to determine if you like a very strong-tasting cigar or a mild-bodied flavor.

That’s why it’s a good idea to try a few different types of cigar flavors to determine which one you like. Luckily you can often buy samples to evaluate which type you enjoy before committing to an expensive cigar purchase.

3. Its Shape

Interestingly, there are primarily two cigar shapes you can choose when determining which cigar is perfect for you. These two types are the Parejos and Figurados, and it’s a good idea to try both to determine which shape feels right to you.

The Parejos are cigars that are classically shaped and easily recognizable. One end will be open, and the other will be rounded and sealed, and you will need to clip it. In contrast, the Figurados represent all the other cigar shapes that include straight cigars that are open on both ends, bullet-shaped cigars, and tapered cigars.

Selecting A Cigar Based On Its Quality

After you have decided what size, flavor, and shape of cigar you prefer, you need to determine if the cigar you’re interested in buying is good quality. You can decide if a cigar is of good quality by looking at the factors we have listed below.

  • Uniform fill and color: One of the most important things you need to check when determining if a cigar is of good quality is if it has a uniform fill and color. Your cigar should not have any discoloration or be spotted, as this could be an indicator that it is old or moldy. A uniform cigar will have an even coloring along the entire length. Additionally, you need to check if the filling is uniform without bulges or divots. You can check this by lightly squeezing the cigar every half inch.
  • The smell: It might not seem believable, but you can determine how nice a cigar will taste by how it smells. If a cigar has been kept in plastic wrapping, it’s best to smell it before buying it. Should the cigar smell nice, it will probably taste good, but you likely won’t like it if it smells off-putting.
  • The wrapper: An excellent indicator of if a cigar is a quality one or not is the condition its wrapper is in. A cigar wrapper should have a smooth and clean exterior with no tears, cracks, or gaps. A smooth wrapper is a sign of quality partisanship.
  • Avoid buying dry: When looking at a cigar, you need to squeeze it lightly to see if it’s firm and slightly pliable. It shouldn’t crackle or feel dry, as that indicates that it has not been stored correctly. If a cigar is very dry, it will burn too hot when you’re smoking it.

Visit Your Local Cigar Lounge in Bluefield

Now you know how to choose the perfect cigar. As you can tell, it is not as challenging to select a cigar as you might have previously believed. As long as you remember your preferences and look at what determines a quality cigar, you won’t have any issue choosing the perfect cigar.

When you’re ready to choose a cigar, you might want to consider doing so in an establishment where you can enjoy fine dining and a unique atmosphere. At The Vault Downtown, we have a wide selection of premium quality cigars from which you can choose. To have a drink, a delicious meal, and a cigar you can enjoy, come and visit us at 401 Federal Street Bluefield, WV. You can also make a reservation by calling us at 304-308-6601.

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