1. Factory Smokes by Drew Estates - Churchill Shade  $10
One of the best cigars out there

2. Factory Smokes by Drew Estates - Belicoso Sweets  $10
Habana wrapper over premium fillers. Blend of exotic herb and spices. Providing mouthwatering flavors of earthy tobacco, creamy coffee and hints of dried fruit & vanilla. 

3. Factory Smokes by Drew Estates – Robusto Maduro   $10
Medium-bodied blend loaded with tons of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and Drew Estates signature spice flavors. 

4. Factory Smokes by Drew Estates – Gordito Maduro  $10
Medium-bodied blend loaded with tons of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and Drew Estates signature spice flavors. Larger variety of our popular Robusto.

5. Punch Diablo - Scamp $11
Warm brown Ecuador Sumatra Oscuro wrapper overflowing with bold flavors of spice, sweet tobacco, chocolate, earth and leather

6. Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua $12 
Smooth Full-Bodied smoke with well-balanced mix of earth, bittersweet chocolate, & cocoa.

7. Tabak Espescial by Drew Estate $15  
Cup of Joe Flavor. Light roast coffee with a dash of milk chocolate. Silky golden-brown Connecticut wrapper that adds a subtle brown sugar sweetness

8. Undercrown - Coronoa Viva $14  
A sleek and oily San Andres maduro wrapper gives this Corona Gorda a sweet, spicy edge that intensifies throughout with subtle notes of cream, leather and cocoa

9. Undercrown Shade - Gran Toro  $15  
Lighter Bodied. Warm and tasty notes of sweet cream, nuts, and toast, with subtle hints of warm spice and honey.

10. Romeo Y Julieta 1875 - Exhibicion No 3  $12  
Smooth, creamy and nutty flavors along with a medium-bodied profile.  

11. Macanudo (Hyde Park) $14 
This cigar has been nourishing the needs of mellow cigar aficionados since 1971.  

12. Macanudo Inspriado White (Toro) $12  
Creamy mellow-medium bodied with flavors of oak, sweet cream, earth, cocoa, & spice. 

13.  Arturo Fuente (8-5-8) $14 
Rich nutty blend of aged Dominican fillers covers a rare African Cameroon wrapper. 

14. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos (Double Robusto) $18  
Medium bodied masterpiece. A lusciously dark African Cameroon wrapper. 

15. Monte by Montecristo AJ Fernandez (Toro) $23 
Rich smoke loaded with roasted flavors of coffee, caramel and hearty wood. 

16. Montecristo (Double Corona) $16  
Rich smooth and creamy flavors and a delightfully sweet aroma. One of the finest cigars on the market

17. HH Upmann The Banker (Annunity) $16 
Suave taste with a robust nutty flavor with distinguished notes of spice, coffee, and leather. 

18. Moria Mancini Corona Classico $15
Spicy and Peppery components, while the jet-black Costa Rican maduro wrappers introduce some choclate and espresso notes in to the mix

19. F Cao Brazilia (Box Pressed) $14
Brazilian leaf wrapper. Cigar is robust, deep, and naturally sweet with an edgy kick. 

20. Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary (Churchill) $16
Stylish sandy-brown Champagne Connecticut wrapper with a mild and mellow smoke that’s silky-smooth, rich, creamy and flavorful.

21. Cao Flavours (Bella Vanilla Corona) $12
Flavors from the finest vanilla beans in the world. Normal flavored cigar

22. Acid Kuba Kuba $21
Enticing blend of cherry and black currant extract gently infused within a core of aged Cuban-seed tobaccos. Mild profile. 

23. Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary (Corona Gorda) $18
Handmade premium cigar. Rich, complex, full-bodied and overflowing with complex notes of spice, cocoa, espresso, toasted bread, and backed by a rich tobacco sweetness throughout.

24. Arturo Fuente Opus X Reserva D Chateau $65
A medium to full bodied cigar with delicious notes of spice, vanilla , sweetness, cocoa and a pleasing aroma

25. Cohiba Dominican (Churchill) $33
African Cameroon wrapper. Medium bodied taste with flavor notes of nuts, spice, and cocoa. 

26. God of Fire Series B (Double Robusto) $42
Dark and oily Ecuador Sun Grown wrapper. Delicious flavors of pepper, earthy dried fruit, tangy spice, and leather.

27. God of Fire by Don Carlos (Toro) $48
Released once a year. Stunning brown Ecuador Habana wrapper. Alluring notes of dark chocolate, sweet spice, and cocoa along with a decadent sweetness

28. La Gloria Cubana Esteli (Toro) $11
Premium blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, full bodied brimming with luscious flavors of chocolate, sweet cedar, white pepper and caramel.

29. Arturo Fuente Opus X Double Corona  $21
The cigar is the pinnacle of full flavor, with complex tastes ranging from leather to creamy coffee and earth. The double corona size is a masterpiece, a classic on our 100-point scale. Today Fuente Fuente OpusX is regarded as the pinnacle of cigar perfection, and the standard by which all cigars are measured.

30. Arturo Fuente Opus X Angel Shared Reserved Chateau  $67
One of the only if not the first Dominican Puros produced, this rare cigar is ranked among the finest cigars in the world. The rosado tobacco leaves used to create this exquisite cigar, grown on the Chateau de la Fuente, create a truly remarkable taste. The filler, binder and wrapper are all produced in the Dominican Republic. For nearly five straight years, this brand has been ranked Cigar Aficionados most requested brands by consumers at tobacco shops and is one of the hardest brands to find.

31. Tatuaje TAA 2020  $37
Well-balanced, tangy nuances of medium-roast coffee, aromatic cabinet spices, toasted caramel, savory meat drippings, hickory, and much more. They are boasting an immaculate Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper over allNicaraguan binder/fillers.

32. Arturo Fuente Opus X Robusto   $58
Handcrafted a dark, oily, Dominican-grown wrapper packed with bold, spicy and smooth-smoking Dominican-grown long filler tobaccos.

33. Arturo Fuente Opus X Super Bolicaso   $65
A medium to full flavored toro and one of the world's best rated cigars because it has a complex, rich taste yet remains very smooth to the palate

34. Tatiana Classic Groovy Blue   $15
A delicious mix of berries soaked in vanilla and laced with acacia honey and cognac

35. Padron 1964 Anniversary $68
Boasting a fusion of creamy smooth Dominican tobacco flavors with bold Cuban espresso, milk, and some light vanilla notes on the palate, this cigar is a gourmet coffee lover’s dream

36. Tatiana Classic Trios Night Cap   $15
Drenched in mouth-watering vanilla flavors, Café Arabica coffee beans and Criollo cocoa, this refined cigar also boasts a nice hint of Marcona almonds to round out the flavor

37. Tatiana Classic Rum  $15
An enticing flavor of sweet rum with hints of molasses and spice. A taste that is smooth and mellow, accompanied by a pleasant aroma sure to appease all

38. Tatiana Dolce Amaretto  $13
A sweet smoke with smooth tones of almond and apricot.

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