Come and Join us at The Vault Downtown for National Toterellini Day

With the end of January in plain sight, you might be thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day and the prospect of going on a date with your partner to a restaurant that prides itself on outstanding service and first-rate cuisine. And while you might have already made plans for Valentine’s Day, there’s another celebration taking place the day before that can be just as enjoyable. As a matter of fact, you might be able to celebrate your love for one another a day early. Because February 13th is National Tortellini Day, and we want you to come and celebrate it with us at The Vault Downtown.
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A Brief History of Tortellini 

Italy is a country rich with cultural traditions and a legacy of creating the very finest foods and wines that are celebrated the world over. To gauge the entire history of the pasta that we refer to as Tortellini, we must go back to the 1500s. While the name of the chef who first created the dish has been long lost to the annals of history, we know that it was said to be inspired by the naval of Venus, the Ancient Roman goddess of love. The name Tortellini would emerge a century later, thanks to the writings of Vincenzo Tanara. Today, the dish is enjoyed from Italy to America and almost everywhere in between. 

A Special Dish for a Very Special Day 

At The Vault, we take immense pride in what we have to offer our clientele. As the premier dining establishment in Bluefield, WV, every one of our recipes is finely crafted with the very best ingredients. And, for National Tortellini Day, we have something special that we’re serving. For the incredibly low price of only $23, we’re serving up one of the most delectable dishes to emerge from Bologna, Italy. That’s right, Tortellini Carbonara. Not only are we preparing this incredible cuisine for National Tortellini Day, but we’re serving it up as decadent as possible. Complimenting the pasta with Parmesan cream sauce are smoked bacon, peas, and cartelized onions. 

The Vault Downtown 

When it comes to satisfying your appetite for the best cuisine and finely crafted cocktails, The Vault Downtown is the ideal location. Whether it’s for Tortellini, Valentine’s, or any other day that ends with “y,” we guarantee a dining experience unlike any other. For a menu and reservations, pay us a visit at

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