Enjoy Dining Outdoors with The Vault

Planning a trip to a restaurant soon? Outdoor dining is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal and beautiful weather. Make the most out of the last days of summer by enjoying outdoor dining at The Vault Downtown.

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Staying indoors for too long can actually lead to health problems. If you spend all day in an office or classroom, spend some time outside while you eat your next meal. You have to sit down to eat a meal anyway, so why not sit down at a table outside? Doing so allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, which are good for your health.

Sometimes eating indoors can be hectic, loud, and overwhelming. If you’re interested in avoiding the chaos on a busy night, book a reservation at an outdoor table. This relaxed setting may be more ideal for you if you’re looking to sit back and unwind after a long day. Eating outside can even help you sleep better!

Eating outdoors allows for better airflow, which can be a safer way to dine out. It also allows you to absorb the beautiful views of nature around you. You and your friends, family, or date can even people-watch while you eat your meal outside.

There are endless benefits to eating outside, so book your reservation at one of our new outdoor spaces at The Vault Downtown! Our restaurant is located at 401 Federal St. in Bluefield, WV. To book your reservation, visit our website and navigate to the “reservations” tab or give us a call at 304-308-6601. We look forward to helping you enjoy an outdoor meal in this beautiful weather!

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