Enjoying Fine Dining With Steak & Pasta at The Vault Downtown

A Unique Offering Unlike Any Other 

There are many advantages to eating out, especially at The Vault Downtown. And before we explore these various attributes, we thought we would generate some excitement regarding the special menu that we have planned for you. We’re calling this unique offering the Friday Night Steak & Pasta Duet. We’re serving this entree from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, and for the low price of $38.95, you get a 12. oz steak strip with a choice of pasta. But that’s not all–salad and dessert are also included, which will allow you to enjoy a full-course meal that’s filling and affordable. 
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The Advantages of Fine Dining 

As we previously mentioned, you most likely have worked a full week, and by Sunday, you want nothing more than to observe a day of rest. Well, now you can. Having a meal at The Vault Downtown means that preparation, cooking, and cleaning will all be done for you by our staff. After all, on Monday, the work begins all over again, and the last thing you want to do is head back to the office on an empty stomach.

Establish Better Communication 

Like millions of other Americans, you probably live your life on the go and rarely have time to stop and smell the roses. Dining out can help you and the people in your life reopen channels of communication and catch up on important events that you have missed. By coming to The Vault Downtown, you can get to know the people you hold dear a little bit more and celebrate a special Sunday that only comes once a year. 

A Rewarding Atmosphere 

Home might be where the heart is, but we spend a great deal of time there. Enjoying a night out in a fine dining establishment allows us the luxury of being somewhere new and having surroundings that help put our worries about the world at ease, even if it’s just for a little bit. It’s the small moments that take our breath away and give us the most joy. 

The Vault Downtown 

When it comes to a memorable evening of fine dining and a joyous atmosphere, The Vault Downtown offers the very best in entrees, cocktails, and even cigars. For a menu, reservations, and much more, RSVP at thevaultdowntown.com today!

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