Enjoying Oysters at The Vault Downtown

If you’ve ever stopped in at the Vault Downtown to enjoy sophisticated fine dining or some of our decadent cocktails, then you’re already aware of how seriously we take our craft. Today, we’re going to look at our friend, the oyster. Perhaps you don’t partake in them as often as you should; after all, there are quite a few reasons to enjoy them, some of which we’ll be exploring today. 
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Calories & Protein 

Oysters vary in size and shape. That said, the common trait found in every species of oyster is that they’re low in calories and high in protein. For instance, a serving of six oysters is only 50 calories, and each oyster contains 2 grams of protein. 

Vitamins & Minerals

Not only do oysters have low calories and substantial amounts of protein, but they also have several vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the promotion and sustaining of a healthy lifestyle. A normal serving of oysters has rich amounts of vitamin D, copper, zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamin b12. Like so many other variations of seafood, oysters also have fatty acids known as omega-3s, which are necessary for the human heart to function. 


One of the best things about oysters is that they can be prepared in a variety of ways. Many places that serve brunch keep them chilled in a raw bar. Many chefs insist that the healthiest way to consume oysters is by streaming them, as this process removes much of the bacteria. It matters not how you prefer to eat them, they’re one of the best offerings to come from the sea, and you can find them fried to perfection at The Vault Downtown. 

The Vault 

While you might not find the coveted pearl when you open an oyster at the Vault, you will find exceptional food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For a menu, reservations, and a whole lot more, visit us at thevaultdowntown.com.

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