Enjoying the Finest Wine and Dining Near Christiansburg

While ordering out has become more popular than ever thanks to the never-ending cavalcade of online apps, the refined and sophisticated experience of fine dining seems to almost be a lost art form. While ordering out might provide convenience and allow for the perfect night in, dining out at an upscale establishment allows one to savor flavor, atmosphere, and partake in the refined tastes of sophistication. That’s why The Vault Downtown provides the service and selection that’s sorely missed from the modern dining experience.

A fine dining dish of lamb with red wine

Have a Cigar

You’ve seen them in movies, accompanied by luxury and finesse, now you can experience the very finest cigars that you’ve ever tasted. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the finest tobacco or simply enjoy the occasional stogie, our cigar bar has you covered. Kept under glass and among a suave and debonair environment, this is the type of luxury you’ve dreamt of, now you can experience it firsthand.

A Toast to Your Health

Naturally, no fine dining experience would be complete without a cocktail crafted with the finest care and expertise to your liking. The Vault’s drink menu caters to every palate for every occasion. From our own signature martinis to the finest aged scotch, you won’t find anything missing from that all-too-perfect night out. You’re welcome to any drink that will lift your spirits and tickle your fancy. All we ask is that you drink responsibly and arrange transportation should the situation call for it.

Dinner, Deserts, and the Debonair

All this time and we neglected to touch base upon the most important aspect of the fine dining experience—the dining itself! At the Vault Downtown, we leave no stone unturned as it were when it comes to providing our customers with the highest quality of cuisine and service. Ribeye, duck, and our own catch of the day—all available and all succulent to the last bite.

When the meal is over, be sure to leave some room for dessert or an after-dinner nightcap. Whether it’s Chocolate Opera Torte or an Irish Coffee, it’s the perfect way to bookend a dining experience that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

The Vault Downtown

There’s no better time to come down and crack open the vault of sophisticated dining. Visit us online for reservations, a full menu, and an eye-opening gallery of our surroundings. Life is far too short to live off subpar food.

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