Falling in Love is so Hard…Unless it’s a Cocktail

There’s no greater double-edged sword than falling in love. Yes, we all agree it can be a wonderful thing that leaves us feeling weak in the knees. However, it can leave you feeling hurt, defeated, and all alone, set adrift in a shallow existence of sorrow and self-pity. With apologies for the moment of melodrama, there’s a love story as old as time…the love for a wonderful tasting cocktail. We’ve made a few reasons why.

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

A red and blue craft cocktail

1. It’s Neat to Order it “Neat”

If you’re enjoying some spirits that are a bit on the pricier side of things…you might want to consider ordering your drink neat. That is to say, au natural. No ice, no chaser, no additives, just the whole thing raw. You’ll enjoy your drink to the last drop…and you’ll be thanking us later.

2. Don’t Sound Like an Amateur

If you’re going to refine your pallet and enjoy something suave and sophisticated…you might want to consider expanding your vocabulary. Using terms such as “on the rocks” sounds great when they’re used…but please learn what it means before doing so.

3. Slow and Easy

You might have done shots before…and you may have even remembered it. Shots are great for low-brow, inexpensive drinks…but not for cocktails made with class and care. Take the time to enjoy your drink, act like it’s your last one, and savor every…single…moment.

4. Know Your Limitations

While you’re out on the town, your sense of excitement might attempt to get the better of you. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes you more susceptible to your own hubris. Set yourself with a limit, pace yourself, and know that you’re not in a competition to down as many drinks as possible. Knowing your limitations means the difference between a great night out and a day in bed with a hangover.

5. Be Smart, Don’t Drink & Drive

You might love a cocktail. You might love the feeling of being out enjoying one. But you won’t enjoy the aftermath of getting behind the wheel if you’ve had one too many. Don’t think for a second that you’re immune from being too drunk to drive. Prepare beforehand and contact a rideshare if possible.

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