Fine Dining During the Holidays at The Vault Downtown

Is there anything more stressful and arduous than the holiday season? Yes, but the holidays are harder and harder to get through as every year passes, which is why you should finally treat yourself this year.

Rather than attend boisterous parties or run around to finish up some last-minute holiday business, come on down to The Vault Downtown for some relaxation and some much-needed holiday cheer. After all, you’ve been giving plenty during this time of year, so why not give yourself a little something?

Fine dining during the holidays at the Vault Downtown in Bluefield WV

Christmas Eve

“Up on the rooftops, click-click-click…” It’s always been a mystery how Santa gets down the chimney every year. The physics of the situation alone is mind-boggling. Still, when you’re a child, the suspension of disbelief is much easier.

What’s also easy is choosing to head down to The Vault Downtown on Christmas Eve and let us take care of your traditional “Before Christmas Dinner.” This year, we’re preparing a decadent seafood buffet, complete with a hot and cold section. This way, whether you want a good hot meal or a few cold dishes from the cold world, both of your needs can easily be met.

Aside from the hot and the cold, we’re also serving the most succulent cuts of turkey, ham, and roast beef.

Space for this event is limited, and only available through reservation. $69.95 for adults, $35.00 for children (ages 8-14).

New Year’s Eve

At long last, 2021 has come to its long-awaited close. While this year saw life returning to a relative state of normalcy following the pandemic, it was an emotionally trying time for a lot of people.

Come down to The Vault Downtown and bid the old year a fond farewell as we look towards the new year with optimism and thought of renewal. Unlike the all-you-can-eat celebration of Christmas Eve; this is more of an intimate moment that you and yours can enjoy together.

For New Year’s Eve, our menu is catered towards a first-class event to say goodbye to one and hello to another. A complimentary glass of champagne is our gift to you, as is our menu which features smoked salmon, prime rib, and above all else an atmosphere that’s warm, inviting, and will allow you to enjoy yourself in a way that’s befitting the holiday season.

Space is limited and this is a reservation only event.

For information on these celebrations, a full menu, reservations, and a list of our cigars and cocktails, head on over to our website. We’re located on 401 Federal St in Bluefield, WV.

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