Fine Dining in Bluefield

In December 2020, The Vault Downtown’s owner Bill Cole had the honor of being interviewed by Gailyn Markham of Lootpress. In the interview, Bill shared some of the rich histories behind The Vault’s building and explained his goals and intentions for this fine dining establishment in Bluefield.

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Here’s a glimpse into what Bill had to say in the interview:

“Bluefield is going through a true renaissance … We are sort of reclaiming the downtown and bringing the arts in. This building was available, and I was worried that it was going to fall into the wrong hands. I bought it to make sure it was supporting the direction we were trying to go down and that it would support the community for generations to come.”

Even though The Vault Downtown has only been open since August of last year, it has already gained a fantastic reputation. Every day we meet new people who are visiting because of recommendations from their friends and family. It is especially humbling when patrons travel all the way to Bluefield just to dine here, some from so far away that they stay at the bed-and-breakfast and make a trip centered around dining at The Vault.

In these ways and more, we feel we are living up to our original goals of bringing Bluefield a fine dining experience that benefits the community. We hope to continue this momentum of providing Bluefield with a cosmopolitan space that attracts tourism and elevates the town. And with executive chef Peter Zimmer and FOH manager and mixologist Savannah Arrington as additional leaders on the team, we are looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for The Vault.

We welcome you to dine with us. One of The Vault’s main specialties is seafood, like our Shrimp and Grits, and steak lovers flock here for the 16oz Vault Special Ribeye. After dinner, try one of our signature cocktails like our Espresso and Mocha Martinis, and be sure to visit our Cigar Lounge for a relaxing end to the fine dining experience.

The Vault Downtown is located at 401 Federal St, Bluefield, WV 24701. We are open for dinner Wednesday-Saturday 4PM-10PM, with a HAPPY HOUR 4PM-6PM. You can make reservations online or give us a call at 304-308-6601.

We look forward to serving you!

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