How to Pair Cigars and Seafood

When it comes to the sophisticated world of fine dining, there are many items to learn about and put into practice. Among these is the pairing of things together to make an excellent combination. Some pairings are more well-known than others, such as the pairing of wine and entrees or the marriage of scotch and a fine cigar. Ah, cigars. While their pairings with bourbon and scotch are well known, there’s another pairing that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, and that’s the pairing between a fine cigar and seafood. 
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Matching the Right Dish & Cigar Together 

Pairing seafood and cigars together might seem like a difficult talent to master. After all, there are so many different types of seafood dishes, and knowing where exactly to start with the right cigar brand might be slightly overwhelming. Don’t worry; we’ll help break it down and make the process as simple as possible. And you’ll be a master at this craft before you know it. 

If you think about what some of the most popular seafood dishes are, you’ll realize that they share some common traits with one another. When you think about seafood, what usually comes to mind? Shrimp, clams, lobster, and crab are just a few of the entrees that are associated with any fine dining experience. While their flavors tend to be very rich, they’re all soft enough on the pallet to be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine and a fine cigar. The best type of cigar to choose is one that has a medium body. While full-body cigars pair well with scotch, they tend to overpower the flavors that seafood possesses. 

Consider Experience 

The taste and enjoyment of cigars are very much non-linear. What agrees with one person might not be enjoyable for another. When you pick a cigar to pair with your seafood, consider your level of experience. If you’re brand new to the world of cigars, consider something with a light body, as it won’t overpower the flavor of the food you’re currently eating. However, being bold and trying new cigar and entree combinations can be a wonderful experience in itself. So, enjoy!

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