Pairing Bourbon and Cigars for Father’s Day

Here at The Vault Downtown, we take immense pride in catering to a select clientele with exquisite tastes and expectations. And with Father’s Day quickly approaching, isn’t it time you showed some appreciation for Papa Bear? Well, now you can. If you’ve ever been to our location, you’re already aware of our fine bourbons and cigars in stock. And, thanks to this essential pairing guide, you can treat your father to an experience he’ll treasure. 

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Pairing Bourbon with a Full Cigar 

A full cigar is notable for its thick and robust flavor. And as such, pairing the right bourbon with one is essential to accentuate the flavor. We feel that brands such as Wild Turkey and Crown Royal go with a full cigar almost too perfectly. The robust flavor of the cigar coincides with the sweetness of the Crown Royal or the subtle caramel flavoring of Wild Turkey. Having the bourbon served on the rocks creates an enriching experience that’s perfect for relaxation and bonding. 

Pairing Bourbon with a Medium Cigar 

When it comes to finding the right type of bourbon to pair with a medium cigar, we feel that something with a subtle hint of spice works wonders with the medium-bodied stogie. Four Roses single-barrel is a favorite of many experienced bourbon drinkers and will do nicely. However, many cigar aficionados insist that something with a considerable amount of rye makes all of the difference in the world. Brands such as Bushmills and Jameson are more than appropriate for the occasion. 

Pairing Bourbon with a Mild Cigar 

For those who aren’t used to some of the stronger flavors associated with either a full or medium cigar, a mild cigar can be the perfect way to relax with some bourbon on the rocks (or neat, if you prefer.) Now, when it comes to choosing the best brand of bourbon to have along with a mild cigar, we believe that one with a hint of sweetness or a robust flavor is ideal. Makers Mark or Knob Creek are both exceptional bourbons that are perfect for just such a pairing. 

The Vault Downtown 

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