Pairing Cigars with Spirits, Wine, & Beer

Cigars are undoubtedly the indomitable lions in the tobacco industry. But if you are to enjoy the ultimate cigar experience, you need to get your pairing right. So, what are the perfect drink combinations for the best cigar experience? The type of drink you choose to pair with your cigar will largely be influenced by taste preferences.

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Finding the Best Drink to Pair with a Cigar

One key aspect that distinguishes cigars is their flavors. The higher the quality, the richer the flavor. When choosing a drink to pair with your cigar, you need something that can neutralize the cigar’s flavor. The trick to perfect pairing begins with ensuring harmony in your pairing options. For the best experience, the cigar’s flavor and the drink should stand out. To find the best pairing options, you’ll need to have some basic understanding of the flavors in your cigar and drink.

Most drinks actually pair well with cigars. However, drinks such as gins, vodkas, and other white spirits do not make a proper pairing choice. For instance, if you plan on enjoying a full-bodied cigar, the best option is to pair it with a strong drink. This way, you enjoy the distinctive flavors of the cigar and drink.

No matter your cigar preferences, you need to know what drinks to pair with for the ultimate experience. However, if you are not familiar with the cigar you are planning to smoke, the first step is to pair the cigar’s body with your spirit’s body. To find the perfect pairing, reach out to us here at The Vault Downtown. We are located at 401 Federal Street, Bluefield, WV, 24701. You can also call us at 304-308-6601.

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