Pairing Whiskey and Seafood: A Guide

When it comes to the finer things in life, The Vault Downtown is always happy to oblige our customers with the best food and drinks. And when it comes to pairing certain types of food and drinks together, fine dining aficionados consider it an art form. This is particularly true when it comes to whiskey and seafood. They pair surprisingly well, and today we’re going to explore some of the best combinations. 

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For many diners, lobster is considered the finest dish to partake in. If you’re thinking of pairing it with a glass of whiskey, we recommend a single malt scotch such as Oban. Lobster has a very water flavor that will allow you to enjoy the taste of your scotch’s bite. 


Many people have long enjoyed salmon for its robust flavor, and health food aficionados praise the fish for its low concentrations of fat and high levels of protein. Many different beverages pair well with salmon, but many gourmets attribute the exceptional choice of a fine Kentucky bourbon. This provides a spicy kick that’s just too good to pass up. 


This renowned aphrodisiac is one of the most popular seafood dishes. Served either raw or cooked, many people have their own unique preferences. One of the unique aspects of oysters is their brininess which some diners absolutely love. When it comes to pairing a whiskey with them, we once again recommend that a single malt scotch be served. A peated scotch with subtle notes of citrus makes for an excellent combination, and most can be purchased for an adequate price. 


Noted for their flowery taste, scallops have always been in high demand at several seafood establishments. And while a variety of different whiskies can be paired with scallops, we recommend looking for one that’s been aged in bourbon casks for a couple of years. Gelnnfiddich, for example, has a variety of single malt scotches that have been aged for many years and complement the floury flavor that‘s associated with scallops. 


Mahi, sometimes served in steak form, is one of the best choices for fine tuna. Irish whiskeys such as Jameson or Monkey Shoulder are your best choices to generate a citrusy flavor. 

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