Premium Steak Cut Class: Understanding the Difference Between New York Strip Steak and Filet Mignon

If you’ve ever been in the meat section at your local supermarket, you’re more than likely noticed that quite a few different cuts of steaks are for sale. And while they might seem quite similar to one another, not all cuts are created equal. Among the many options you might have noticed, New York strip steak and Filet Mignon might be two that caught your eye, as they’re often associated with top-tier selections. Today, we’ll be breaking down the differences between the two of restaurant bluefield wv

New York Strip Steak 

New York strip steak is a cut of meat taken from the section of muscle that’s known as the tenderloin. It’s a popular cut because of its marble texture and tender consistency. Known for having a robust beef flavor, it’s a favorite of many butchers and diners. 

Filet Mignon 

Highly sought after by many, filet mignon is also cut from the tenderloin. Despite not having the same marble texture as New York Strip Steak, it’s known for having an appealing flavor and also being quite tender. It also happens to be very lean, which some diners thoroughly enjoy. 

Understanding the Difference Between the Two 

Based on the information we’ve presented so far, there might seem to be very little separating these two cuts of meat. Both are cut from the tenderloin and are known for being flavorful and tender, with the main difference being that the marble texture of the New York strip steak is absent from Filet Mignon. However, there are a few other differences that we need to touch base on.

Cost- One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the cost. New York strip steak is noticeably less costly than filet mignon, making it ideal for consumption on a regular basis. At the same time, Filet Mignon is certainly ideal for special occasions such as a fancy dinner. 

Size – In examining both of these steaks, it’s certainly a matter of cost and portions not being linear with one another. Despite costing more, Filet Mignon is usually served in a size of four to six ounces. New York strip steak, on the other hand, is a much larger portion that averages out to approximately 16 oz, with some trimmed-down cuts averaging about 12. 

Healthy Attributes – If you’re watching the amount of fat content that you’re consuming, then filet mignon might be the better choice. The cut is leaner and has less fat. New York strip steak usually has a larger portion and costs less, but the fat content is significantly higher. 

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