Prime Rib Wednesday in Bluefield WV

We have the best way to break through the doldrums on hump day: Prime Rib Wednesday! Come check out our latest promotion that’s bound to be a huge hit each and every Wednesday evening from 5 to 8 p.m.

Prime Rib Wednesday at The Vault Downtown

June 22nd was our first Prime Rib Wednesday. Visit us at The Vault Downtown to enjoy all of the following:
italian restaurant bluefield va

  • 12 Oz. English Prime Rib
  • Your choice of mixed green or Caesar Salad with the chef’s choice of veggie or potato.
  • Dessert included
  • 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • . . . all for only $29.00!

That’s a great deal for high-caliber cooking and personalized dining service.

We’re always delighted to do special events and charitable endeavors. In case you missed it, we recently gave away 10% of our proceeds from Sunday Brunch to two local Sacred Heart Catholic parishes in Bluefield and Princeton during this month dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. As they say in Latin, cor Jesu sacrum, miserere nobis.

Why Prime Rib is Worth It on Wednesday

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the name “prime rib”? It actually refers to an animal’s primal rib section, which is the 6th through 12th ribs. They typically weigh anywhere from 12 to 16 pounds (whole rib).

What makes it so special? Why do people flock to restaurants to get this premium meat? Well, that portion of the rib has a really tender and juicy portion of meat, especially close to its center. It’s very often “fall off the bone” tender and delicious when an expert chef prepares it.

Of course, it helps to know a thing or two about seasoning prime rib to perfectly draw out all of its wonderful flavors. Your best seasoning options are garlic salt, Himalayan sea salt, and dried herbs. Granted, if you get your hands on a tasty dry rub, that works spectacularly as well.

If you endeavor to grill or roast prime rib on your own, be certain not to overcook it and sap its juicy flavor. It’d be a shame to ruin a pricey piece of the night. When in doubt, just leave the cooking to us, and join us for a great time every Prime Rib Wednesday!

The Vault Downtown is Bluefield’s classiest option for exquisite dining and the highest quality cuisine. Come check out our prime rib offering, and maybe stay for a glass of whiskey and a cigar. We never fail to please in every important fashion of hospitality. Call us to learn more or make a reservation at 304-308-6601.

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