Tasting Bourbon Like a Pro

While many people enjoy wine tastings and have gravitated towards small-batch, craft breweries, there are a select few that really enjoy the taste of bourbon. There is a difference between tasting bourbon and drinking it with a mixer, ice, and other flavorings. If you enjoy bourbon-tasting, or you want to try it, here is some information for you about how to bourbon taste like you’ve been doing it for years.

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How to Taste Bourbon

There are four categories of bourbon tasting you need to consider before taking your first sample. First, you need to have a look at the appearance of the bourbon. Take note of the color and clarity. Dark bourbons have a different taste than lighter bourbons. Also, many people prefer clearer bourbons over cloudy ones, so be sure you notice differences in the bourbons you taste.

Next, you’ll want to smell the bourbon. People describe bourbon with sweet notes or woody notes. Many people look for a hint of sugar or syrup smell in their bourbon, but there may be other scents that may appeal to you. The best way to sample the bourbon smell is to put your nose over the snifter and keep your lips parted.

You’ll want to taste the bourbon next. You can’t sip the bourbon-like you do wine. Instead, most experts suggest you chew the bourbon. You’ll swish the bourbon around in your mouth, moving your jaw up and down in a chewing motion. Take a healthy-sized gulp, and ignore the slight burning sensation. You’ll get used to it.

Finally, take note of the flavors that remain in your mouth once you have swallowed the bourbon. How does it finish? Many bourbon drinkers want a smooth finish at the end of their glass, but you will have to decide what works for you.

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