The Proper Way to Pair Beer & Cigars

There’s no shortage of articles and discourse when it comes to pairing fine wines with food. Understandably, this is considered essential knowledge when it comes to fine dining. Thankfully, this article is focused on a different aspect of pairing. Today, we plan on providing a quick guide on how to pair beer with cigars properly. This combination tends to be overlooked in discussions of fine dining, and we’re here to change that. 
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The Wrapper 

Similar to the varying types of beer that are available for consumption, cigars come in a variety of wrappers that help you decide which one pairs well with beer. The lighter the shade of the cigar paper, the younger the cigar is. The shorter the aging process for the cigar, the more fresh and more acidic the aroma will be. These play a significant role in pairing. For example, a light cigar will tend to pair well with a pilsner beer. Stronger beers pair well with darker cigars, such as IPAs and porters. 

Pale or Dark? The Eternal Question 

Much like the color of the cigar you choose, the color of your favorite beer is an indication of the flavor and aroma. Mild and medium-colored cigars pair well with pilsners and blond ales. Darker beers, such as porters, stouts, and brown ales, tend to pair well with darker cigars due to the full-bodied aromas that both share with one another. 

Malts & Hops 

It doesn’t take an experienced brewer to know that the main ingredients in beer are water, hops, yeast, and barley. The flavors and aromas that company the various beers are determined by the amount of each ingredient. Malts tend to be on the sweeter side of the spectrum because of their heavy implementations of grains. IPAs tend to have a more robust flavor because of their increased quantities of hops. Both of these types of beer pair well with a medium to full-bodied cigar, and the flavors tend to complement one another. 

The Vault Downtown 

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