Thursday is Date Night at The Vault

During the recent pandemic, your options for enjoying date night were somewhat limited, to say the least. Now that restrictions have been lifted, and life has returned to a state of relative normalcy, date night can be enjoyed again with vigor and gusto. And if you and your partner were never big into the concept of “date night.,” this might change when you find out what’s happening on Thursdays at The Vault Downtown. That’s right; we’re dedicating an entire day to all the wonderful couples out there. Drinks are on us in the form of a complimentary bottle of either Pinot Gorgio or Chianti with the purchase of dinner. Besides the first-rate cuisine served up at The Vault, there are several other advantages of having Date Night, which we’ll be diving into with this article. 
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A Showing of Commitment 

Any relationship takes effort from both parties involved. Date night is a great way to demonstrate to one another that the fire still burns and you are both committed for the long haul. It’s an opportunity to put aside other obligations, such as that Netflix series you’re bingeing on, and focus on one another. 

Enhance Communication 

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Spending some quality time across from one another at the table of a restaurant is a great way to engage in discourse with one another. You don’t need to start off with the heavy subjects; a simple conversation about the wine and your food can open up the doors to more topics. 

Maintaining Excitement 

While communication is an important part of any relationship, maintaining interest and excitement with one another is just as important. If the concept of ‘date night’ is an unfamiliar concept, its introduction can provide some much-needed one-on-one time. Spontaneity and surprise are what make any relationship interesting. 

Health Benefits 

According to a study conducted at Harv and University, one of the ways in which our mental and physical health develops longevity has a lot to do with our relationships. By embarking on date night, we strengthen our trust in our partner. Ever wonder if people who are married for long periods of the time experience such longevity? It’s because their union strengthens one another. 

The Vault Downtown 

The next time you and your partner have some spare time on Thursday and want to make the moment count, consider visiting the Vault Downtown. You won’t be disappointed, from the best in food and drinks to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For more information, visit us at

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