Tortellini vs Ravioli: What’s The Difference?

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious pasta meal, especially when it’s the kind that’s packed with additional meat, cheese, and more? Of course, we’re talking about tortellini and ravioli, the former of which we serve all the time on our food menu at The Vault Downtown.
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Yes, we’re known for bourbon, cigars, and choice cuts of steak, but we also offer delicious Italian cuisines like tortellini, chicken parmesan, rigatoni, linguini, and crab. On the topic of tortellini, you may wonder what’s the difference between that and ravioli. We’d be happy to explain the subtle contrast between the two.

Tortellini vs Ravioli

Both tortellini and ravioli are full of great ingredients and flavor, but they’re shaped differently and traditionally have different seasonings. Tortellini tends to be harder to cook because of the material dexterity, whereas ravioli is more DIY-friendly in the kitchen. Here are a few differences.


Unlike tortellini, ravioli is more of a pasta pouch or envelope. You’ll know ravioli by its typically fluted edges. What goes inside a delicious ravioli? It almost always has meat, parmesan cheese, and oregano. It’s also common for cooks to use vegetables, garlic, and other cheeses.

Sometimes, restaurants will jazz up their ravioli with hand-crimped edges rather than the simpler ridges you get more often. You might also enjoy seasonal offerings of ravioli such as pumpkin in the fall. Italian sausage is one of the most common meats for ravioli.


You can stuff tortellini with about the same meats and cheeses as ravioli, but they’re put together differently. Instead of a pouch shape, you would make tortellini by rolling the pasta into a ring. It’s also normal to cook tortellini with ingredients like egg or nutmeg.

The other big difference is the pasta variation. Tortellini is like a tortilla in that it’s available in different colors and flavors like regular pasta, tomato, or spinach. We serve ours with parmesan cream sauce, smoked bacon, peas, and caramelized onions.

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As usual, with food, words just don’t do it much justice. You have to taste it to experience what we mean by delicious tortellini carbonara. While you’re with us, try to pair tortellini with a nice Sauvignon Blanc or maybe a red wine.

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