We Love Prime Rib Wednesday and You Should Too!

For the average diner, a highlight of the week might be “taco Tuesday.” Understandable. It’s an inexpensive meal to purchase or prepare. However, there are those among us who have refined tastes and are only satisfied with the very best. To this end, the Vault Downtown is here to discuss a tradition that might be unknown to some of you, but once you experience it, things will never be the same again. Prime Rib Wednesdays are very much a reoccurring event at The Vault Downtown, and it’s the perfect way to cleanse your pallet. 
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What is Prime Rib? 

While prime rib is often associated with sophisticated and upscale dining, some people have little idea about what it entails. If you go to any local grocery store, prime rib is often pricy and described and sold as “standing rib roast.” Prime rib is incredibly tender and easy to cut through, which is why it’s the favored cut of beef for many steak aficionados. 

Tastes Good, and it’s Good For You! 

Steak often gets a negative reputation in any discourse related to eating healthy and its nutritional value. And yes, while many foods with exceptional taste are not always healthy, prime rib is the exact opposite. According to one nutritionist, prime rib is very rich in nutrients and has low amounts of calories and fats. Not only does a generous cut of prime rib offer a significant amount of protein, but it is also rich in zinc, vitamins such as B6 and B12, iron, selenium, and even niacin. 

Exceptional Taste at an Unbelievable Value 

Are you in the mood for a sophisticated cut of beef yet? You are? Well, what’s stopping you? Ahh…the price. We understand that such an exceptional dish might be pricey. Well, allow us to dispel those assumptions post-haste. When you visit the Vault for prime rib Wednesday, you’ll get a succulent 12 oz. cut of beef, dessert, and a salad, all for the incredibly low price of $29.00! You won’t find a more reasonably priced meal of the highest quality anywhere else, and we hope to see you come in for some decadent delights. 

The Vault Downtown 

The Vault Downtown is Bluefield’s premier dining establishment. With an extensive selection of wines, spirits, and cigars, on top of the first-rate cuisine, we have to offer. You’ll find exceptional quality in everything, from the food to the service and everything in between. For a menu and reservations, pay us a visit at thevaultdowntown.com.

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