What Temperature Makes a Steak Enjoyable?

If you’ve ever been out to eat at a fancy restaurant and ordered a steak, your server will ask you, “how would you like that cooked?” You then answer with statements such as “medium,” “medium-rare,” or “well-done.” But what is the difference between these different methods? Well, today, we’re offering a culinary crash course on how steak is prepared. So the next time you order one, you’ll know exactly what you want. 
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Blue Rare 

At the beginning of the scale is what’s known as blue rare. It’s typically pan-seared at high heat. This effectively cooks the outside, leaving the inside raw. While not everyone prefers their steak cooked this way, there are those who swear by this method. 


Similar to the method in which blue rare steaks are prepared, steaks that are served rare spend more time being cooked. The interior of the steak is still red, and the meat itself is exceptionally tender. Many enjoy this steak for its mild flavor and easy-to-cut-into density. 

Medium Rare 

Medium rare is by far the most popular way in which steak is ordered. Cooked for a slightly longer period of time than the two previous methods we mentioned, this allows for a more developed taste that makes the flavor of the beef stand out more. Because the fat has been given enough time to render, the meat tends to be juicy and flavorful.


A steak that’s prepared medium is cooked all of the way through and still contains much of the meat’s juices intact. The flavor is also a favorite among many, as is the firm and juicy texture.

Medium Well 

Here is where the color red disappears from the steak entirely. Cooked all the way through, the interior will have a slight amount of pink. Many people enjoy their steak cooked this way because the meat is chewy and, because of how dry it is, it pairs well with various sauces. 

Well Done 

This is where steak is cooked to the absolute limit. Cooked thoroughly with no traces of pink, the center is usually brown, and the consistency of the slab of meat is very dry. While some chefs refuse to cook a steak to this level, many people enjoy this preparation because, like medium well, it goes exceptionally with the right type of sauce. 

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