When it Comes to Steak: Filet or Ribeye?

If you’re new to the world of steak, you may find yourself surprised by the number of options that are available to you. There are a variety of cuts of steak, some of which may be more appealing to you than others. To learn more about filet or ribeye, keep reading.

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Different cuts of steak have different things to offer. Some cuts are tender, while others are more flavorful. When it comes to a ribeye steak, this cut favors flavor. The ribeye comes from the ribs of the animal, which is between the loin and shoulder. This area of the meat is fatty, with marbling that packs rich flavors and a juicy texture. Because ribeye steak is naturally so flavorful, all you have to do to season it is add a bit of salt and pepper.

On the other hand, the filet is known for its tender texture. If you’re looking for texture in your steak, the filet is the best option. The filet is cut from the tenderloin of the animal. This is the most tender part of the animal, with a texture that is almost buttery. Tenderloin is a small part of the animal, therefore tenderloin meat is harder to come by. Because of this, the price is higher, but it’s worth every penny. To add flavor to filet steak, some add gravy or glaze.

When it comes to steak, filet and ribeye are both delicious and top-quality cuts of meat. If you’re interested in steak for its rich, natural flavor, order up a ribeye. However, if the buttery soft texture is more your style, the filet is for you.

At The Vault Downtown, we serve up ribeye and filet steak. Our 16 oz. vault special ribeye is made from prime Braveheart Farms steak with roasted garlic and red pepper marmalade, grilled leeks, pan gravy, and your choice of a salt-crusted baked potato or loaded white truffle fries. Meanwhile, our filet of beef tenderloin is made with Braveheart Farms black Angus filet and served with grilled asparagus, butter demi-glaze, bearnaise sauce, and your choice of a salt-crusted baked potato or loaded truffle fries. Join us at The Vault Downtown at 401 Federal Street in Bluefield, West Virginia.

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