Which Wines Pair Best With Salmon?

When it comes to seafood, there are few choices more healthy than salmon. With a low amount of fat and calories and high concentrations of protein and omega-3s to promote heart health, it’s one of the healthiest things to consume. Naturally, you’ll need something to wash it down with, and if you’re visiting the Vault Downtown, you might want to take advantage of some of the fine wines we have. Pairing wine with food is a delicate art form, and today we’ll be going over which ones pair with salmon almost too perfectly. 
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Chardonnay is one of the best wines to pair with seafood, and many experts attest to the perfect blend of rich shellfish such as salmon, lobster, and crab with a chilled glass of wine in question. Because of chardonnay’s distinct taste tends to go well with salmon served with a butter-based sauce. 

Sauvignon Blanc 

If you’re fortunate to come across a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that comes from the Marlborough region of New Zealand then you’re in luck. If you opt for salmon that’s blended with herbs, the high acidity of the wine will help bring out the taste in a way that other wines cannot.


This wine which emanates from the southern region of France is known for its medium-bodies red and smoky flavor. As such, we recommend that if you’re someone who enjoys grilled or smoked salmon, this French wine will be perfect for accentuating the flavor. An acceptable alternative is Garnacha, a wine that comes by way of Spain that has a very similar flavor. 


If you’re having trouble deciding which wine will go with your favorite salmon dish, you can take advantage of the versatile qualities found in champagne. Made from a combination of pinot noir, chardonnay, and other wines, this French delight pairs well with salmon in any way it’s prepared. With New Years’ eve approaching, it’s the perfect time to put some on ice and serve up a few salmon filets. 

Pairing salmon with wine can be a difficult task, which is why the Vault Downtown has a comprehensive wine list that accentuates the variety of dishes that we gladly serve. If you’re unsure of what might go best with your meal, one of our servers will gladly help you make a perfect choice. The Vault Downtown is the premier fine-dining establishment in Blue Field, WV. For a menu, reservations, and much more, RSVP today at thevaultdowntown.com.

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