Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Fine Dining Experience

Indulging yourself in an evening of five-star dining is more than just relishing the meal. Reserving a table at a classy restaurant and soaking in the occasion from the moment you arrive until you leave the premises is an entire event to be treasured. This is also a wonderful opportunity to visit the salon earlier in the day, get all dressed up, and feel like a million bucks. The Vault Downtown provides reasons below why you should treat yourself to a fine dining experience.

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A high-end restaurant may have limited cuisine, but is extraordinary in terms of the quality of ingredients and provides an impressively exquisite menu. Top-shelf, liquors, cognacs, brandies, and other after-dinner drinks are usually served. Additionally, each dish should be paired with an appropriate wine selection.

You should be pampered and treated like a celebrity by the staff when dining at a fine restaurant. Service extends much more than simply placing an order and receiving your meal. A large number of fine dining services encompass escorting you to the table, holding the chair if you are a woman, explaining menu items to you confidently and in detail, removing crumbs from your table in between courses, replace linen napkins if you excuse yourself from the table, physically guiding you to the restroom, and actually placing the food onto your dish at the table. A knowledgeable, well-trained server will be able to offer menu recommendations upon your request.

The ambiance of a fine restaurant is an important part of your experience. Each detail in decor including furnishings, illumination of lighting, centerpieces, silverware, flatware, glasses, and linens should be nothing less than magnificent. Soft and soothing background music sets the overall mood as well.

The Vault Downtown offers an upscale dining experience that showers patrons with attentiveness, superb cuisine, and elegance. We are situated at 401 Federal Street in Bluefield, West Virginia. Kindly contact us at (304) 308-6601 to arrange your reservation.

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